Thinking beyond medication

FrontAct Co., Ltd. Providing more holistic care. Scouting new ideas. Enabling novel technologies. Connecting the best scientific minds and collaborators.

We are pioneering new frontiers in healthcare that go beyond medication.

Today, we are surging ahead to achieve that promise. Through joint research and development programs, we are turning ideas and concepts into real solutions and products – with a focus on mental health and active aging – to provide people with more complete support.

Empowering people with more choices

Mental wellbeing is important. It affects our ability to think and feel. Maintaining our mental health is key to active aging and for living a happy life. For people with mental or age-related cognitive disorders, recovering and maintaining mental wellbeing is even more important.

Medication is considered, for the most part, the cornerstone to managing mental health conditions. But pharmacotherapy alone may not be enough in certain instances.

Empowering people with more flexible and convenient choices may create a better solution that allows them to access the right therapy at the right time while reducing lingering stigmas and loneliness.

By developing new technologies and other innovations, we are providing people with broader solutions to achieve better access to care and comprehensive management of their conditions.

  • Patient-driven

    Flexible, personalized solutions that go beyond medication to improve access to care, offer additional options and diminish stigmas and isolation

  • Science-minded

    Leveraging our expertise in developing medications that meaningfully enhance mental health and active aging

  • Solution-focused

    Scouting for ideas, connecting the best scientific minds and collaborating on cutting-edge innovations to pioneer new frontiers in healthcare

  • Visionary

    Redefining the relationship between pharma and total wellbeing to revolutionize supportive care through empowering and convenient choices

  • Global

    Exploring and facilitating opportunities for exciting collaboration and inspiring business across the geographic border, starting from US, Japan, and China.


Our leadership across the globe

COVID-19 has introduced a variety of unprecedented challenges to healthcare, but we have an opportunity to build momentum for real behavioral change. Not just adopt a new reality, but to fundamentally lead healthier lives, even during a time of pandemic. At FrontAct Co., Ltd., we recognize now more than ever the importance of coming up with truly innovative, beyond-the-pill solutions to help support all aspects of your wellbeing.

Takehiko Nomura
Representative Director,President and Chief Executive Officer
FrontAct Co., Ltd.


  • Takehiko Nomura | PhD

    Representative Director,President and Chief Executive Officer
    FrontAct Co., Ltd.

  • Toru Ichihashi

    A member of the Board of Directors, serving as Executive Vice President, COO/CFO
    FrontAct Co., Ltd.

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