BehaVR translates proven science into immersive and engaging XR therapeutics for mental and behavioral health, with the mission to create a resilient world liberated from fear and pain.

BehaVR began in 2016 just outside of Louisville, KY. Since then, they’ve expanded their multifaceted team of talented innovators across the U.S., with its main operation now in Nashville, TN. Over the years, they’ve brought virtual reality solutions to market spanning maternal health, anxiety regulation, stress management, pain management, and addiction recovery –– all leveraging proven mechanisms of action, including mindfulness, immersive meta-cognition, fear exposure and extinction, and psycho-education.

BehaVR takes a unique approach, blending clinical expertise and game design to deliver wonder and lasting results. They leverage VR's unparalleled ability to immerse the user, facilitating therapeutic experiences not possible in real life or on a smartphone. BehaVR's advanced platform architecture enables dynamic experiences, clinician oversight, and engagement.

In our novel partnership, Sumitomo Pharma is collaborating with BehaVR to bring to market three specific virtual reality digital therapeutics –– addressing social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder –– and a general wellness solution delivering transdiagnostic mental well-being support.

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